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5 branding questions for your uniform design

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1. What is the intention of the uniform?

It’s important that you understand why you need a uniform. You should map out your intentions and objectives of having a uniform. This will heavily assist you in determining the style of uniform you choose for your business.

A uniform heavily enhances your brand, however if you want it to achieve its fullest potential you need to understand what the uniform is going to look like, and how it is going to behave.

e.g. if you are going for something to enhance your brand vs making your employees life’s easier then your options might be different.

2. What are you brands recognizable characteristics?

You need to consider what is recognizable about your brand, what makes it stand out? It’s crucial to consider as your uniform is an influencer for your business’s characteristics.

If your brand is recognized for being out there and bubbly, then a black suit and tie might not be the best option for you…

3. Will your logo integrate with it?

Logos have all sorts of things on them. Colour, Text, Images. They are all different and separate themselves one way or another. However, it’s important that your logo isn’t going to clash with you’re selected choice of uniform.

It needs to look good on there! And we want to send you away with something both you and your customers are going to be smiling about. 

4. When and where will it be worn?

If you have employees such as sales representatives, then you will need to consider what environments they will be wearing their uniform in.

Do they have to travel around on the job? If yes, then they should have a uniform that not only looks good but is comfortable to wear whilst on the move. This also goes for events such as business functions. Is your uniform going to be something they can turn up to a business event in?

5. Where should you place your branding?

Being a supplier of industrial workwear, we often advice to place branding on the back of shirts, jumpers etc. for tradies.

For many trades they are often bent down working with people walking by. Via having your branding on the back section of your uniform you are constantly endorsing your brand, taking advantage of the otherwise blank space.

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