5 branding questions for your uniform design

16th May 2019

1. What is the intention of the uniform?It’s important that you understand why you need a uniform. You should map out your intentions and objectives of having a uniform. This will heavily assist you … read more

Being Mindful About [Shopping Local]

1st Apr 2019

Time and time again we hear from business owners that you should shop local. But, why? And what does it mean to shop locally?Shopping at locally owned businesses simply means more money is kept with … read more
5 Best Work Pants for Men [ARTICLE]

5 Best Work Pants for Men [ARTICLE]

18th Feb 2019

With brands now creating trendier work pants, it’s become more challenging to determine what is hard and tough from what is light and weak. Fortunately for you, some brands such as Har … read more

Work Uniforms: Why Wear Black?

21st Jan 2019

Black, Ebony, Jade or Coal; there are countless ways that you can wear black. And, when it comes to your work uniforms, it’s essential. But why is this?The number 1 thing that people notice about yo … read more