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4 Different Types of Business Attire for Women

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A business attire refers to clothing worn in a corporate, business, academic and government setting. There are different types of business attire based on the level of formality that is expected to be maintained by an organization. 

Dressing professionally is essential for setting the right impression. After all, what you choose to wear is a yardstick based on which judgments about your personality will be made.

The primary consideration while choosing a business attire is the workplace where you will be in. Most workplaces have specified guidelines with regard to the business attire. This is determined by the setting, weather and your role. There may be defined standards for the attire worn by an individual in office and someone at the receptionist desk.

A well-chosen business attire is important since it reflects your personality and sends a message about you to your boss, clients, customers and colleagues. In this regard, having an understanding of the types of business attire and the degree of formality reflected by each is important. In this blog, we will take you through the different types business attire to enable you to choose one that best fits the occasion.

Business Formal:

The business formal is also referred to as the ‘boardroom attire’ and is an upgrade to the daily professional attire. It is reserved for meetings, special events and awards. The ideal business formal attire for women consists of a tailored pantsuit or skirt with a collared shirt in white. Closed toe heels can be worn to complete the look.

Business Professional:

Business professional attire is similar to the business formal wear but is more feasible to be worn on a regular basis. In workplaces that require you to maintain an executive look on a daily basis, this attire makes the perfect solution. It can be considered as a basic professional wear. Companies that follow this form of dress code, intend to reflect to their clients the high standards of professionalism maintained by the organization and instill a sense of trust. Women can use pantsuits apart from skirts for a professional look. The ideal setting for such an attire is offices functioning in the accounting, finance and corporate decisions. You can also choose such attires for meetings that require you to convince clients.

Business Casual:

A business casual attire enables you to reflect your unique individual style yet maintain a polished look. You don’t need to wear a suit and can stick to a dress that you are comfortable in. However, at the same time, you cannot wear jeans and a t-shirt. Skirts and conservative dresses make the perfect business casual wear. You can even wear collared shirts with dress pants and boots to complete the look. With a business casual, a more relaxed and comfortable work environment is maintained. While choosing a business casual, the line of difference between just a casual and a business casual has to adhere. A business casual wear can be worn to the office on a daily basis and even for meetings.

Casual Wear:

This form of attire is a modified version of the business casual wear. With a casual wear, you have the freedom to express your unique style a little more. It is a popular style that has grown with companies like Google in Silicon Valley. However, while choosing this attire, is it essential to ensure that you do not cross the line and go too casual. In general, for such workplaces, it is safe to stay away from wearing t-shirt and shorts. Women can wear fitted tops and blouse in casual fabrics like cotton or denim. There are wide options with regard to the colour and pattern that you choose. If you wear jeans, it must be well-fitted. You can wear these with classier boots, sandals or sneakers.

There are specific rules for each of the above business attires. However, there are certain standards that need to be maintained for any business attire. The following rules will help you present yourself in the best possible manner. 

Stay away from wearing clothes that are wrinkled or stained. A business attire needs to be crisp and laundered. It is best to avoid sweatpants and tracksuits for work. 

Avoid clothes that are too revealing or may offend other people around you. This also includes clothes that hug you too close. If you are planning to add a statement shirt to your business wardrobe, ensure that the words are not offensive. 

Ill-fitting clothes not only are uncomfortable but have a negative impact on your overall personality. It is best to avoid too loose or tight clothes. 

Overdressing and under-dressing can set a wrong impression. It is essential to combine the right attitude with the perfect business attire. 

Choose accessories that add to your professional look. A pearl stud or loop earrings make a good addition. 

The comfort factor in an aspect that cannot be overlooked. Keep in mind that you are going to wear the dress through the day. 

Lastly, make sure that you have well-groomed hair with a neat look.

With the different types of attire, the task of choosing the right one can be a confusing task. Whether you are attending a meeting, event or going for an interview, selecting the right business attire can make a huge difference. If you are in doubt, it is best to take help from someone in the company to understand what is best.

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