The Most Desirable Colours for your Corporate Uniform

1st Feb 2018

The number 1 thing that anybody notices about your corporate clothing is the colour. It is the most basic component that sends a subconscious message about your business to your customer. At an unconscious level, colours affect the way people think. The colours that have been listed below will definitely affect the way people perceive you, and your business.

One of the most effective ways to gain a customers’ attention is by portraying your business in the right way via an appropriately focused uniform. Using these colours successfully can put your company ahead of your competition.

Below, we outline what our core suiting colours represent, helping you to make the right decision for your corporate work wear.


Black signifies sophistication, power and discipline. A black suit holds messages that are more convincing. Ever wonder why you we’re always told to write your school exams in black?

If you’re business is often required to assert confidence and strengthen your position as an authority figure, a black corporate uniform will be the most appropriate uniform colour of choice. Black colouring also provides an excellent colour for a conservative work environment.

However, you should take some caution with implementing to much black into your uniform. It can have negative effects for a laid-back work environment, creating a cold and distant environment. Alternatively, it is recommended that black is incorporated into your uniform as accent colour. A black tie or scarf can give your uniform the help it needs to give your team the authority it needs, whilst not coming across to strong.


Blue represents expertise, communication, reliability, loyalty, structure and trust. Navy blue portrays professionalism, yet approachability. Take a look at what is worn by politicians and business executives. Are they wearing navy? Most likely, yes.

Additionally, shades of blue are mostly known for the calming properties they entail. Countless studies from HR and recruitment representatives outline that whilst interviewing, the best corporate uniform option is to wear a navy suit. This communicates feelings of trust and confidence to whom you’re communicating to. Hence, why a large majority of corporate logos have blue applied to them somewhere.


Lastly, Grey. Grey represents practicality and cautiousness. Implementing a charcoal colour into your corporate uniform sends a message that you are wise and reliable. Grey is a classy colour which symbolizes maturity and practicality to its wearer.

Much like navy, a charcoal shade makes you look professional without having you appear controlling and authoritative like black power suit would. Not to mention, it’s just about as versatile as navy too.

Depending on the industry you are in, as well as the clients you interact with, grey allows your business to be a little bit more adventurous with things such as shirts and ties that they wish to match with their suit. You can leave it modest, by matching with plain shirts and ties, like white and black. Or, you can use grey as a great base colour to add warmer and brighter colours contingent to the message you are wanting to send.   

Does your current uniform reflect the right image?

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