Why Wearing a Uniform Makes a Great First Impression

14th Dec 2018

When it comes to business, first impressions are so important. And, we have the science to back this up!

Researches from Princeton University have discovered that people will make judgments on qualities such as trustworthiness, competence and likability within a fraction of a second.

Making judgments about others based on our early interactions is natural. This has been built into us, and it’s how we often determine whether someone poses a threat. However, what does this mean for business? And how important are first impressions to your business?

If you’re in retail, real estate or any business that entails high levels of customer interaction then your answer should be; EXTREMELY.

And why leave something as important as a first impression to chance?

Who are your customers, and what are they judging?

Amy Cuddy, a social psychologist found trustworthiness and confidence make up approximately 80-90% of first impressions. These two traits are dominant factors in business relationships.

You want your customers to have the confidence that they have made the right decision by walking into your store. And, you want them to trust your staff’s abilities to meet their needs. If the customer isn’t satisfied they are likely to take their business elsewhere.

So, how can you curve first impressions to your favor?


Uniforms should be an essential part of any organisation. They are also a great asset for making a strong first impression! They are one of the first things your customers will notice, and they can also make your staff look approachable and professional.

Uniforms create trustworthiness and professionalism

Following the initial impression, a branded uniform adds a level of trust and credibility in a company and its abilities. Therefore, your uniform should project the right message from your company. Hence, why you’ll often see real estate agents in suits. It projects professionalism, creating the desired trust and confidence needed when they make first impression’s.

Think about your experience as a customer. Where have you shopped and felt like you could instantly trust the people you were speaking with? Do you have any memorable customer experiences based off this?

Or, do you consider yourself more likely to trust the advice of someone professionally dressed?

A well thought out uniform that reinforces your brand strategy is crucial to coming across as professional. This is what will set you apart from competitors in your market space, building the trust you need between your business and its customers.

Uniforms create Confidence with your customers

If there is anything that should be of top priority for you as a business, it is building confidence with the consumers of your brand.

Your customers view you differently when your team portrays a professional image. When a customer encounters an employee wearing a uniform, it inspires confidence with your consumers. By having your company logo, or even a name tag on your uniform you are giving customers direction in your store. You don’t want you customers confused in your store, do you?

Have you ever had a poor experience with a store with no uniform? Was it confusing? Or did you find that it didn’t really matter?

Make your first impressions count

Although uniforms are an extremely important aspect of making a strong first impression they aren’t the be all and end all. It’s important to remember that other elements are going to play a key role in developing your first impression.

Making sure your staff are knowledgeable in your business is another key aspect of first impressions. Imagine if you clicked an ad on Facebook. The ad can look great and send the right message. However, if the page you are sending your consumers to is terrible they are most likely going to leave… same thing goes for in-store interactions.

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