Work Uniforms: Why Wear Black?

21st Jan 2019

Black, Ebony, Jade or Coal; there are countless ways that you can wear black. And, when it comes to your work uniforms, it’s essential. But why is this?

The number 1 thing that people notice about your corporate clothing is the colour. It is the most basic component that sends a subconscious message about your business to the customer. And, one of the most effective ways to gain a customer’s attention is by portraying your business in the right way via an appropriately focused uniform.

If your business is often required to assert confidence, black should be one of your go-to colour options. We’re not saying to go out and wear all black head-toe, just remember what it represents when you’re wearing it. Confidence, strength and authority.

The colour black affects the mind by helping to create an unremarkable feeling, boosting confidence in your appearance, increasing your sense of potential and possibility.

However, you should take some caution with implementing to much black into your uniform. It can have negative effects for a laid-back work environment, creating a cold and distant environment. Alternatively, it is recommended that black is incorporated into your uniform as accent colour. A black tie or scarf can give your uniform the help it needs to give your team the authority it needs, whilst not coming across to strong.

…. Below are a few small bits of insight on why we personally like black in corporate uniforms ….

Wardrobe Flexibility

Integrating black into your uniform is essential for countless reasons. One of the main ones being wardrobe flexibility. Black goes with just about everything. With a neutral colour such as black, each employee can bring their own sense of style to work through accessories such as hair clips, jewellery and belts. This creates a ‘general appearance’ that your staff are associated with. Whilst simultaneously, giving your staff more freedom with what they wear.


It’s no secret that black is a difficult colour to stain. This is especially important to consider with regards to your working conditions. If you’re often involved in dirty work with chemicals or liquids, you’ll find light colours get dirty fast. Where, black shirts, pants or shoes can get stained everyday and it hardly shows.

Time Saving

Today, everyone’s lives are much more hectic then they once were. You should look to simplify your life where you can. And by just wearing a uniform, you are creating less stress in your life and in your employees. A uniform means that all team members know exactly what to wear everyday and don’t waste time working out what to wear.